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    (Gatineau, Canada) • My usual go-to place when I'm looking for a healthier fast-food restaurant. Ambiance: Standard. We went to one at De La Gappe and it was empty when we got there. The layout is a bit different than the other ones as this one is a bigger place. They were understaffed and there was only 1 person working there... needless to say, it took forever for us to reach the counter and place our order. Service: The sandwich artist didn't seem too bothered by the huge lineup that was forming behind us, he was still at a slow pace and making small talk to the costumers... which is nice when the place is not busy and people are not getting cranky at the…

    (Gatineau, Canada) • A Bring Your Own Wine Greek Restaurant with excellent service. A must try. Ambiance: It's a huge restaurant, several booths and tables, reservation is recommended but it was never a problem for us. Modern and elegant decor, high ceilings, open concept, large booths and a fancy feel to it. It can be quite noisy though, depending on the day/time you are going. You can bring your own wine and conveniently there is a liquor store just next to it. Service: Excellent! Completely bilingual, friendly and efficient. It didn't take long for us to get seated and for the waitress to come greet us, bring the menu, drinks and take our orders. She was …

    (Kanata, Canada) • I got these fudges from Cabela's as a gift and I was very excited to try them. I love fudges and all but I find them so sweet I could have just one bite and save the rest for another bite later. I know fudges are sweet but what a sugar rush these are! From: Cabela´s  Where: 3065 Palladium Dr, Ottawa, ON K2T 0N2 Phone: (613) 319-8600 Parking: Available on site.

    For the Brazilian and Brazilian drinks lovers in Ottawa, I saw this pop at Walmart in TrainYards. It's not quite like Guaraná (my favorite ever!) but it's pretty close so I will buy it again for sure!

    (Ottawa, Canada) • Sushi trays at Loblaws that taste just like the ones you get at restaurants. I will be definitely getting them again. Ambiance: I often come to this location because the store look is +organized and it is pretty bright. Also it is never too busy and you park close to the door.. Service: Staff seem approachable and friendly. Cleanliness: Overall clean. Checkout time: Super fast. Cashiers were very efficient and quick. Food presentation:

    (Ottawa, Canada) • Delicious Greek food with a fast service. I went to the one at the food court at Rideau Centre and It was a good experience! Ambiance: It's at a food court so there are lots of tables around. The place itself is bright with a large menu on the board and a large counter. Friendly staff that makes the atmosphere light and welcoming. Service: They were all very friendly and kind. The guy was very fast putting together my order and so was the cashier. I must have been there for about 5 min max! Cleanliness: The counter seemed tidy and clean and I liked that there was no food dropped into different slots. He was careful not to …

    (St. John's, Canada)  •  A classic restaurant that has been consistently good. It's located in the Village Mall with entrances inside and out. We never had reservations the times we went there but we never had to wait. Ambiance: Open concept, a fairly spacious restaurant, fun theme decor though a bit dated, several tables, a huge fireplace and a totally cozy feel. Service: Very friendly and fast. The lady greeting us was quick bringing us to a table, bringing the menu, glasses of water, taking our order and bringing the bill after. She checked in on us and refilled our glasses without us asking. I always appreciate when they do that. Cleanliness:

    (Ottawa, Canada) • Still my favorite sushi in town! We got take-out and I should get them again whenever I have a chance. I've had great experience dining in but whenever I have it to go, it has been always great as well. Ambiance: A very charming small place with a warm decor. I like that we can see the sushi chef making sushi. Service: Always executive service. It's prompt, friendly and efficient. We had called 15 minutes earlier and our order was ready when we arrived. Food wait time: No time at all, we got there, got it and paid. All very fast.

    (Ottawa, Canada) • Always the best gift I could get from Newfoundland! We can buy them here in Ottawa but whenever a friend from there come visit and bring me a box of them, it makes my day! Again and again, I find that they are the best chocolates in the world! You can buy them online or at a store. Good news is that now you find them at the Rideau Mall!

    (Ottawa, Canada) • A super tasty shawarma in the Glebe! My first time at this location  and I loved the potatoes in particular! Ambiance: The store is spacious with a few tables, quite a big counter, display and menu. The menu is behind the counter and the food looks fresh. It was empty when we got there so we had no problems finding a place to seat. You order and pay at the counter Service: The lady at the cashier was polite and efficient. The guy at the counter was friendly, funny, helpful and, most importantly, very, very generous with the food! He gave me extra turnips. Cleanliness: The counter seemed tidy enough and clean. However, afte…

    (Ottawa, Canada) • The Mexican place you always come back to! I was here before and I know I will be back many times yet! Ambiance: The place was busy when we got there but we didn't need to wait.  The vibe, good music and decor were just as nice as before! Service: Again, the waiter was fast greeting us and bringing the menu. We order at the counter and they bring the food to us after. You can serve yourself to a table of salsa and spices. Cleanliness: Our table, chairs and utensils  were clean. I got the water this time and I didn't quite…

    (Scarborough, Canada) • A must when you are driving through Scarborough! A great family restaurant with affordable prices and great food. Ambiance: The restaurant is surprisingly large with several tables in the back. It is a bit dark inside and it has booths along a narrow passage. There is a very relaxed and casual atmosphere. Service: We didn't have a reservation but we didn't have to wait at all either. Our waitress was very friendly, attentive and fast greeting us and bringing the menu, drinks, clearing out the tables and bringing the bill after. She was excellent! Cleanliness: Our table, glasses, utensils and chairs were clean.