- Canada -
    21 hours ago


    (Gatineau, Canada) • I make sure I always stop by here for baked goods and…
    - Canada -
    3 days ago

    Gina’s Café

    (Ottawa, Canada) • Family-owned and operated breakfast/brunch café that serves fresh food and provides one…
    - Canada -
    5 days ago

    Gainsbourg Bistro Brewery

    (Gatineau, Canada) • Gorgeous pub in Hull! This review is a bit late as we…
    - Canada -
    7 days ago

    La Cabaña

    (Ottawa, Canada) • Authentic and superb Salvadorian food that once you tried you will be…
    - Canada -
    1 week ago

    Coffee Matters

    (Paradise, Canada) • I miss this location a lot, it was my usual spot when…
    - Canada -
    2 weeks ago

    Crow’s Nest Café

    (Twillingate, Canada) • Beautiful coffee shop in Twillingate whether you are in the area to…
    - United States -
    2 weeks ago

    Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

    (St. John’s, Canada) • I got them as a gift from a friend who traveled…
    - Canada -
    2 weeks ago


    (St. John’s, Canada) • The first time I was ever at a Cora’s restaurant was…
      - Canada -
      September 9, 2018

      Pub BreWskey

      (Montreal, Canada) • A very nice pub in the heart of Old Port of Montreal, a little hidden and with…
      - Canada -
      March 28, 2019

      Pasticceria Alati-Caserta

      (Montreal, Canada) • Authentic Italian bakery in Montreal located within walking distance of Jean Talon Market so it is very…
      - Canada -
      May 30, 2019

      Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters

      (Kanata, Canada) • The best fast-food chain in Canada! I’m so happy they are here in Ottawa too. They were…
      - Canada -
      April 25, 2019

      Pho Bo Ga 2

      (Ottawa, Canada) • One of the gems in Chinatown for those who love Pho! Our first time here and we…
      - Canada -
      April 26, 2019

      En Couleur – Crêpes Européennes + Donairs d’Halifax

      (Montreal, Canada) • We’ve been here once before and I liked so much the quality and tasty of the food vs…
      - Canada -
      April 23, 2019

      Clocktower Brew Pub Glebe

      (Ottawa, Canada) • A fairly big pub in the heart of the Glebe with a nice patio! Ambiance: A nice…
      - Canada -
      May 16, 2019

      Ahora Mexican Cuisine

      (Ottawa, Canada) • Reaffirming that we can find the best Mexican food in Ottawa here! I was invited to go…
      - Canada -
      October 5, 2020


      (Gatineau, Canada) • The best A&W location I have been so far. I was there before and will for sure…
        September 2, 2019

        Newfoundland Chocolate Company

        October 12, 2018

        Pure Gelato Elgin St

        August 15, 2018

        Pub 101

        August 4, 2018

        Ahora Mexican Cuisine

        July 7, 2019

        SuzyQ Doughnuts

        October 2, 2018

        Taqueria La Bonita

        August 27, 2018


        July 23, 2018

        Burrito Borracho