- Canada -
    October 2, 2019


    (Gatineau, Canada) • My usual go-to place when I’m looking for a healthier fast-food restaurant. Ambiance:…
    - Canada -
    September 30, 2019

    Au Vieux Duluth

    (Gatineau, Canada) • A Bring Your Own Wine Greek Restaurant with excellent service. A must try.…
    - Canada -
    September 28, 2019


    (Kanata, Canada) • I got these fudges from Cabela’s as a gift and I was…
    - Brazil -
    September 11, 2019

    Guaraná Brazilia

    For the Brazilian and Brazilian drinks lovers in Ottawa, I saw this pop at Walmart…
    - Canada -
    September 9, 2019


    (Ottawa, Canada) • Sushi trays at Loblaws that taste just like the ones you get at restaurants.…
    - Canada -
    September 7, 2019

    Jimmy the Greek

    (Ottawa, Canada) • Delicious Greek food with a fast service. I went to the one…
    - Canada -
    September 5, 2019

    Klondike Jake’s Cookhouse And Saloon

    (St. John’s, Canada)  •  A classic restaurant that has been consistently good. It’s located in…
    - Canada -
    September 3, 2019


    (Ottawa, Canada) • Still my favorite sushi in town! We got take-out and I should…
      - Canada -
      March 16, 2019


      (Laval, Canada) • A must go when you are in Montreal (or Laval) as it is one of the best…
      - Canada -
      June 30, 2019

      Happy Hour

      (Ottawa, Canada) • Great hors d’oeuvres options for a get-together with friends. Sour bread with raisins Bocconcini Herbs & Spices…
      - Canada -
      August 20, 2019

      Shawarma Palace

      (Ottawa, Canada) • A super tasty shawarma in the Glebe! My first time at this location  and I loved the…
      - Canada -
      May 9, 2019

      Africa Slow Food

      (Ottawa, Canada) • Delicious authentic African + Caribbean flavour in town. Ambiance: This place is very small with very limited…
      - Canada -
      September 3, 2018

      Homemade carrot cake

      (St. John’s, Canada) • Homemade carrot cake inspired by one I saw at Loblaws. Delicious!!!! Carrot cake recipe: 3 grated raw…
      - Canada -
      September 2, 2018

      Mill St. Brew Pub

      (Ottawa, Canada) • A pub with one of the nicest view in Ottawa and beautiful surroundings, Mill Street brews their…
      - Canada -
      June 9, 2019

      Asian Stars Restaurant

      (Nepean , Canada) • A must-try for a mix of Cantonese, Thai and Vietnamese vegan food. Ambiance: The decor is…
      - Canada -
      June 13, 2019


      (Ottawa, Canada) • Good food, good service and good prices! A must-go when you are in the area. Ambiance: I…