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Festival - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

(Ottawa, Canada) • This year due to Covid-19 it was totally different than last the one from last year. The photos below are from 2019 festival.

Ambiance: The festival was held at the Hellenic Event Centre. This year due to Covid-19, the festival was offering takeout and virtual show. Hopefully next year it will be like the previous one.
Service: Very organized for a festival that last 6 days! There was a lineup at the main stands but moved fast, people were very pleasant and efficient taking orders and payment at a very fast pace.
Cleanliness: There were garbage cans available around the stands. The stands seemed clean enough.
Food wait time: There was no lineup like last year so it was very fast.
Food presentation: Very appetizing, the dessert, though it seemed plain, it looked amazing!
Portion: Pretty large, especially the dessert.
Taste: The dessert had a such unique flavor and I loved it. The rice, to me, tasted a little plain but the chicken was great! The pitta bread was somewhat fresh and the salad very flavorful.
Price: Average

From: Ottawa Greek Fest
Where:1315 Prince of Wales Dr, Ottawa, ON K2C 1N2
Parking: Available in the church/event centre parking lot

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