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Fast-Food Restaurant Chain - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

(Ottawa, Canada) • My first time at this location and second time at Harvey’s. I loved the Angus one I had before but I tried something different and it was great!

Visit date: 11/2019
Ambiance: Standard. We were at the one on Cyrville Rd, next to Swiss Chalet. The place seemed a bit dark but spacious with several tables and has high ceiling. The lineup moved pretty fast even though there 5 customers in front of us. You order at the counter, the menu is displayed behind it.
Service: The staff were courteous and efficient. They were foreigners but there was no language barrier, all of them were friendly and helpful making suggestions.
Cleanliness: The tables were clean, floor was not sticky despite being a snowy day.
Food wait time: Super fast even though there were people in front of us.
Food presentation: Well presented, the bread looked fresh, and the toppings were colorful. The burger is of a regular size and I love that they had corn as a topping. Fries were a bit sad looking as they looked overcooked.
Portion: Typical burger size.
Taste: Delicious! The bread was fresh and the meat didn’t taste artificial like some burgers at other fast-food places. Fries were too crispy.
Price: Affordable

From: Harvey’s
Where: 1899 Cyrville Rd, Ottawa, ON K1B 1A9
Phone: (613) 746-6623
Parking: Available on Site.

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