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Jiggs dinner

Traditional Newfoundland meal

(St. John’s, Canada) • Post to celebrate Jiggs dinner, traditional meal in Newfoundland and one of my favorites from there. Ours sometimes varies a bit and many times we skip on the salt beef; we had only turkey or chicken or pork, mashed potatoes, cabbage, corn, gravy and dressing. My favorite part of jiggs dinner is the stuffing and mash potatoes with gravy. You boil all the vegetables that go in it, turnip, carrots, potatoes onions and cabbages. After removing them from the pot, you would add this water to the juices left from the roast turkey or pork and 4 cups of pot liquor (stock) to make the gravy. To thicken the gravy you can use flour or corn starch – just add 2 tbsp of each into a cup with some water and stir it until is lump free. You can also put them into a mason jar and then just shake it until there are no lumps. And add it to the pan until it is boiling to make it thick. The stuffing that I love is made with bread crumbs, savoury, pepper, salt and butter and you stuff it in the chicken or turkey while it is in the oven. Recipe calls for onions but I prefer without them.

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