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Lisbon by Night

Portuguese Restaurant - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

(Toronto, Canada) • Great place for authentic Portuguese food and seafood lovers.

Ambiance: It’s located on the second floor, the restaurant is big enough but it seems that there is not enough space for all the tables they have. The tables are very close to one another and the servers and us have to squeeze in between them. It’s beautifully decorated and there is a nice-fancy feel to it. Lots of windows and a lovely view of the CN tower. It’s quite loud and a bit hard to carry on a conversation, however, the live music is nice and it sets a very live and fun vibe.
Service: We were there for Easter and we didn’t have reservation but we were able to get a table because we were there early. The servers are extremely friendly, prompt and attentive. I was very happy to interact with Portuguese and Brazilians, such charismatic people! There are lots of servers and they all provided service to our table, we didn’t have just one assigned to ours. One took our order very fast and was fast bringing our drinks. He checking in on us later but it was a different server who topped up our water, another that came to take our plates away and another to ask if we needed to dessert. They are always smiling and helpful. They are also fully bilingual.
Cleanliness: The table, utensils, glass and chairs were spotless and even shiny.
Food wait time: It didn’t take long at all considering the place was not all empty.
Food presentation: The bacalhau I ordered was funny displayed with 2 black olives that made the food look like a fish. I thought it was cute. My husband had the all-you-can-eat fish and every small plate they brought out looked well displayed.
Portion: My dish was very big!
Taste: I had the bacalhau and I must say, I was disappointed  though that on the menu it said fried potatos but they were actually homemade potato chips. The fish was amazing! The sauce was fantastic too.
Price: On the high side.

From: Lisbon by Night
Where: 802 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1V3 – (Update: permanently closed)
Phone: (416) 603-6522
Parking: On the street.


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