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Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters

Fast-food restaurant- Kanata, Ontario, Canada

(Kanata, Canada) • The best fast-food chain in Canada! I’m so happy they are here in Ottawa too. They were the absolute best in Newfoundland when I lived there.

Ambiance: The place is quite big and it is bright inside with quite a few tables. You order at the counter, the menu is displayed behind it.
Service: Super friendly staff just like the ones in Newfoundland. I was happy to see that the client service didn’t change and the warmth I used to find it is still there.
Cleanliness: The tables seem to be kept clean, there was someone cleaning them just as we got there. Plastic utensils are provided with your order.
Food wait time: Super fast. I was impressive since the place was full.
Food presentation: The chicken burger looked fresh and tasty, the same as the chicken legs my husband ordered. The taters (wedge fries), to me, never really looked that appetizing but rather mushy but looks are deceiving 🙂
Portion: Burger, chicken leg and the portion of taters are of a fair size.
Taste: In Newfoundland I always saw the motto “the best legs in town” and it’s true! The chicken legs are so nicely done, crispy and juicy. The Big Mary to me is the best chicken burger in Canada and ever since I visited Mary Browns in 2005, that’s what I’ve been ordering since and they have been very consistent. They are delicious! Bread, always fresh, chicken always crispy and cooked to perfection. The taters, though to me they don’t look too appealing, they taste delicious! A few times I found them a bit salty but the majority of them they are divine.
Price: Average. Totally worth for the quality and taste.

From: Mary Brown’s Chickens and Taters
Where: B, 400 Earl Grey Dr #7, Kanata, ON K2T 1B9
Phone: (613) 592-2132
Parking: Available on site.

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