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La Belle et La Boeuf

Burger Bar - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

(Montreal, Canada) • Great selection of delicious gigantic burgers. A must-go when you are in Montreal.

Visit date: 11/2019
Ambiance: The place is very spacious, bright with several tables, nice wide windows and high ceilings; the decor is unique and there is a nice big patio with umbrellas. Inside, music can be a bit loud but there is a vibrant feel to the place.
Service: Executive service for sure. We had a reservation so we got seated right away. Our waitress was perfectly bilingual and was fast, friendly and attentive. She promptly greeted us, bringing the menu and was very helpful making recommendations and answering questions. Though she didn’t offer to refill our glasses, she did check in on us and was fast bringing our bill after.
Cleanliness: Our table, utensils, glasses and chairs were spotless.
Food wait time: Average; despite the place being full we didn’t have to wait much.
Food presentation: Very impressive for sure. Mine, in particular, looked very appetizing and juicy and colorful.
Portion: The burgers are insanely huge! We saw some orders from the tables near us and the sizes of the burgers were unbelievable.
Taste: I had the The Goat burger, mainly because I love feta and goat cheese. The first few bites were delicious but then the cheese becomes overpowering and halfway in it, unfortunately, I found it a bit sickening and didn’t finish it. I would love to go back there and order something else. Fries were tasty.
Price: On the high side, but worth the size and selection of burgers.

From: La Belle & La Boeuf
Where: 1620 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1L9
Phone: (514) 507-8558
Parking: On the street.

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