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Pure Gelato Elgin St

Ice Cream Store - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

(Ottawa, Canada) • Delicious gelato place on Elgin St. with a big selection of unique flavors. One of my favorite places for gelato in Centretown.

Ambiance: ♡♡♡ –  Super nice, modern looking and warm colors. The place has quite a few tables.
Service: ♡♡♡ –  Prompt, very friendly and efficient. Staff seem fairly knowledgeable about the ingredients.
Cleanliness: ♡♡ –  The counter was pretty clean and behind it seemed tidy enough. Some tables were dirty and we saw a few until we picked ours.
Food wait time: ♡♡♡ –  Very fast and you can sample the ice cream before buying it.
Ice cream presentation: ♡♡♡ –   Cups are cute and the ice cream doesn’t have crystals in it, it looked creamy.
Portion: ♡♡♡
Taste: ♡♡♡ –  Delicious! If Vanilla and cinnamon are available that’s what I get but when cinnamon is not, I try different ones and they have been always a hit. It’s creamy and refreshing!
Price: $$. Worth the money for the quality of the gelato.

From: Pure Gelato
Where: 350 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1M8 –  (Update: permanently closed)
Phone: (613) 237-3799
Parking: On the street.

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