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Quick Service Restaurant - Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

(Gatineau, Canada) • My usual go-to place when I’m looking for a healthier fast-food restaurant.

Ambiance: Standard. We went to one at De La Gappe and it was empty when we got there. The layout is a bit different than the other ones as this one is a bigger place. They were understaffed and there was only 1 person working there… needless to say, it took forever for us to reach the counter and place our order.
Service: The sandwich artist didn’t seem too bothered by the huge lineup that was forming behind us, he was still at a slow pace and making small talk to the costumers… which is nice when the place is not busy and people are not getting cranky at the lineups. He spoke English and was very kind and friendly. If the place was not busy or if there was someone else there helping/working with him, I’d say his service would have been excellent.
Cleanliness: There were some tables with garbage on it and others that were sticky. We found one that was not too bad and I cleaned with napkins.
Food wait time: It took the longest ever. I don’t remember ever waiting this long at a Subway, it was definitely a one-time thing
Food presentation: It didn’t look as fresh as it normally does. The bread looked very dry.
Portion: Typical 1 foot long sandwich.
Taste: The bread was dry and the chicken tasted like a lukewarm rubber. Not my best day at a Subway for sure.
Price: Affordable

From: Subway
Where: 71 Boulevard de la Gappe Unit 1, Gatineau, QC J8T 0B5
Phone: (819) 246-4505
Parking: Available on Site.

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