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Swiss Chalet

Casual dining restaurant - Orleans, Ontario, Canada

(Orleans, Canada) • I was first at Swiss Chalet in Newfoundland and it had left a very god impression so I had to try in Ottawa too.

Visit Date: 01/2020
Ambiance: Classy feel, pretty big restaurant and a friendly atmosphere. Several booths and tables. Standard decor.
Service: Subpar. We didn’t have a reservation but we were seated right away. Our waitress brought us the menu and glasses of water pretty fast but seemed in a hurry for us to order and annoyed when my friend had questions as she has allergies and wanted to make sure of the ingredients. She didn’t come to check in on us so we had to call her to ask for more water. It took a while until she came to clear the plates and we could order dessert. In the end she did ask how everything was I guess when she saw that we didn’t eat the desserts and I told her how we found them extremely sweet. She smiled as if I was complimenting the food, I’m not sure she paid attention to my reply to her question because she went on just clearing the table.
Cleanliness: Our plates, utensils, glasses, chairs and table were clean.
Food wait time: It was pretty fast.
Food presentation: Our orders were well presented and seemed delicious.
Portion: The portions were of a regular size, except the perogies that were bigger than other places.
Taste: My friend had the special Hot Chicken Sandwich that was barely warm but she didn’t mind it;  Cheese Perogies  were ok. For dessert, we had a Classic Vanilla Cheesecake and Mini Cinnamon Sugar Donuts and I am not sure which one was sweeter and more sickening. Needless to say we had only one doughnut each and a taste of the cheesecake. Just the thought of them makes my body twitch thinking about all that sugar.
Price: Average.

From: Swiss Chalet
Where:4290 Innes Rd, Orléans, ON K4A 5E6
Phone: (613) 824-7931
Parking: Available on site. There is a very big parking lot next to the restaurant

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