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Beer Festival - Munich, Bavaria, Germany

(Munich, Germany) •  The best festival I’ve ever been! I’m not a drinker but I had the most fun ever. It’s an experience that you must have at least once in your life. We got there early enough to not have to wait long and we were able to get some spots at a table – if your party is small you can’t reserve a table for yourself. The tents are packed tight but well organized. The subway stop is right at the entrance of the festival. We did go on some rides in the park, if you go the ferris wheel is a great option to see the festival grounds from up above. Very impressive!

Ambiance: ♡♡♡ – The highest energy levels you could ever experience! Absolutely fun! You share a table with other people but it’s not awkward, it’s actually fun and you end up having the best time. The tables are packed together in a way that your back would touch the back of the person seated behind you. All and all we made lots of friends and had an unforgettable time.
Service:– Very fast paced yet super friendly and upbeat.
Cleanliness: ♡♡♡
Food/drink wait time: ♡♡♡ –  Despite the craziness we didn’t find that the drinks were arriving slow. It was actually quite fast for the amount of people that was there.
Food/drink presentation: ♡♡♡
Portion: ♡♡♡ –  1L stein for the beers and the pretzel was huge.
Taste: ♡♡♡ –  Very tasty beers and I loved the pretzel.
Price: $$

From: Oktoberfest
Theresienwiese, 74072 Heilbronn, Germany
Parking: On the street. Better to take to metro, despite the crowds, it will stop right at the entrance of Oktoberfest

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