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    (Ottawa, Canada) • This year due to Covid-19 it was totally different than last the one from last year. The photos below are from 2019 festival. The festival was held at the Hellenic Event Centre. This year due to Covid-19, the festival was offering takeout and virtual show. Hopefully next year it will be like the previous one. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service: ♡♡♡ – Very organized for a festival that last 6 days! There was a lineup at the main stands but moved fast, people were very pleasant and efficient taking orders and payment at a very fast pace. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Food wait time: ♡♡♡ Food presentation: ♡♡

    (Gatineau, Canada) • A nice stop by for a hot chocolate or a banana cake. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ – Pretty spacious, nice big windows, limited seating inside and there are picnic tables outside. Service: ♡♡♡ – Staff wore masks and followed COVID-19 protocol; they were friendly and attentive. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Drink wait time: ♡♡ Drink presentation: ♡♡♡ Portion: ♡♡♡ Taste: ♡♡♡ – I like the hot chocolate as it is creamy and not too sweet. I was here before and got a banana cake, it was delicious! Price: $$$ – On the high side, maybe due to being located in the lobby of a…

    (Ottawa, Canada) • Great selection of gluten-free and plant based products! Ambiance: ♡♡♡ – Service: ♡♡♡ – Friendly and courteous staff. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Portion: ♡♡♡ – I love the cakes here, they are big and of a good size for a social occasion. Taste: ♡♡♡ – I wanted to try this one because it is gluten-free and has brownie chunks. You wouldn't think it is has no gluten because unlike most gluten-free cakes, it's not dry. It's delicious and I will for sure be buying it again. Price: $$$ [caption id="attachment_5349" align="alignnone" width="300"]

    (Ottawa, Canada) • The tastiest hummus and falafels in the city! Excellent service,  plant-based selection of food and great prices. This place is a must! Ambiance: ♡♡♡ – High ceilings, nice light fixtures, clean décor, light colors and good seating capacity. Service: ♡♡♡ – It was our first time ordering from here so they were very helpful walking us through the menu and making suggestions according to our preferences. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Food wait time: ♡♡♡ – We ordered to go and when we got there it was ready. Food presentation: ♡♡♡ – I ordered the Falafel bowl and it all looked fresh. Portion

    (Gatineau, Canada) • Tasty burgers and their classic onion rings! Love that the girl at the counter was wearing a mask and they seem to be following Covid protocol. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service: ♡♡♡ – The drive-through went super fast despite the line being long. Food wait time: ♡♡♡ Food presentation: ♡♡♡ Portion: ♡♡♡ Taste: ♡♡♡ – We always end up here for burgers when we are in downtown Gatineau, I prefer the meat here as the patty actually tastes like real meat. Price: $ [gallery ids="5346,5345,5344"] From:

    (Gatineau, Canada) • A local treasure in Hull with an amazing variety of gorgeous artisan cakes and pastries. This is my favorite pâtisserie in the Ottawa-Gatineau region and whenever I am in Hull, I make sure to stop by! The store is rather small, but it has a table and a couple chairs. The display of sweets is amazing and each one is more appealing than the last. Service is very friendly, fast and polite. You chose what you would like, pay at the counter and they package it for you. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service: ♡♡♡ - The girls do their best to communicate in English and they were very patient and spoke slowly to people who appeared t…

    (Gatineau, Canada) • I make sure I always stop by here for baked goods and I always love it. Modern looking with uncluttered and organized aisles; a food court with several tables and a stand with disposable utensils, napkins and a place to clean your hands.  Great selection of international products and impressive range of olives and other Mediterranean and middle eastern products and the freshest pita breads you can find. Ambiance: Service: - Staff ar…

    (Toronto, Canada) • You can't go to Toronto and not visit this place. I was there before and I know I will be back whenever I am in town. They have a nice selection of amazing buns and puffs. I noticed that they added more flavors and I can't wait to try every single of one them and they also now have Portuguese egg tarts too! I wish they would open a store in Ottawa. You order and pay at the counter and on the wall there is a digital display of the menu. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service: ♡♡♡ –  Friendly and efficient. I love the packaging, it is so cute and fanc…

    (Montebello, Canada) • A must! We come here in the summer to walk around the hotel because it's spectacular. Both the view of the hotel and the view of the marina and gardens are beautiful. It's a marvelous log cabin hotel with an amazing customer service that will make your visit here memorable. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ – This magnificent historic log hotel hotel is gorgeous! The lobby is mind-blowing with the gigantic fireplace in the middle, absolutely stunning. Service: ♡♡♡ – Top notch service! Very professional, courteous and helpful. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Drink wait time: ♡♡♡ – Very fast. Drink presentation: ♡♡♡

    (Kanata, Canada) • A hidden gem. It's a spacious and lovely family friendly café. We don't go to Kanata very often so this was my fist time visiting this café and I must say, it's totally worth a visit for the quality of food, reasonable prices and amazing customer service. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service: ♡♡♡ –Excellent! Very friendly and efficient; it's a family run business and they were all very kind and nice to talk to. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Food wait time: ♡♡♡ – Food presentation: ♡♡♡ – Beautifully displayed. Portion: ♡♡♡ Taste: ♡♡♡ – We had a crepe and a waffle, they were both so li…

    (Ottawa, Canada) • Absolutely the best Korean fried chicken in Ottawa, hands down! Ambiance: ♡♡♡ – Very cozy restaurant with beautiful hand drawn art on the wall and a nice décor overall. Service: ♡♡♡ –  Attentive, kind, friendly and prompt. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Food wait time: ♡♡♡ Food presentation: ♡♡♡ – Very well displayed, colorful and all looked fresh. Portion: ♡♡♡ Taste: ♡♡♡ – Exceptional! My favorite dish is the Soy Dak Gang Jung, out of this world boneless chicken with Alfredo Linguini Pasta. At first I thought this combination was unusual but wow, it's phenomenal!

    (Ottawa, Canada) • Incredible South Indian in downtown Ottawa. This is a spacious restaurant with great service, excellent ambiance and serves a beautiful tray of high quality food. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ – Elegant interior décor, modern and beautiful design and even though I found the seating a bit uncomfortable, the overall look is classy. Service: ♡♡♡ – Attentive, prompt and very friendly. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Food wait time: ♡♡♡ Food presentation: ♡♡♡ – Beautifully displayed! Portion: ♡♡♡ Taste: ♡♡♡ – Delightful! Even though it was a bit spicy for my linking as I have low tolerance f…