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    (Gatineau, Canada) • A local treasure in Hull with an amazing variety of gorgeous artisan cakes and pastries. This is my favorite pâtisserie in the Ottawa-Gatineau region and whenever I am in Hull, I make sure to stop by! The store is rather small, but it has a table and a couple chairs. The display of sweets is amazing and each one is more appealing than the last. Service is very friendly, fast and polite. You chose what you would like, pay at the counter and they package it for you. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service: ♡♡♡ - The girls do their best to communicate in English and they were very patient and spo…

    (Gatineau, Canada) • I make sure I always stop by here for baked goods and I always love it. Modern looking with uncluttered and organized aisles; a food court with several tables and a stand with disposable utensils, napkins and a place to clean your hands.  Great selection of international products and impressive range of olives and other Mediterranean and middle eastern products and the freshest pita breads you can find. Ambiance: Service: - Staff ar…

    (Ottawa, Canada) • This year due to Covid-19 it was totally different than last the one from last year. The photos below are from 2019 festival. The festival was held at the Hellenic Event Centre. This year due to Covid-19, the festival was offering takeout and virtual show. Hopefully next year it will be like the previous one. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service: ♡♡♡ – Very organized for a festival that last 6 days! There was a lineup at the main stands but moved fast, people were very pleasant and efficient taking orders and payment at a very fast pace. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Food wait time: ♡♡♡ Food presentation: ♡♡

    (Toronto, Canada) • You can't go to Toronto and not visit this place. I was there before and I know I will be back whenever I am in town. They have a nice selection of amazing buns and puffs. I noticed that they added more flavors and I can't wait to try every single of one them and they also now have Portuguese egg tarts too! I wish they would open a store in Ottawa. You order and pay at the counter and on the wall there is a digital display of the menu. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service: ♡♡♡ –  Friendly and efficient. I love the packaging, it is so cute and fanc…

    (Uberlândia, Brazil) • What a positive stay! Had to stay a night at a hospital for a small surgery and I was beyond pleased with the service of all staff involved, the private accommodations and with the amazing food they served. It was a very nice surprise to eat food at the hospital that actually had taste. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service: ♡♡♡ – The nurses were amazing! So caring and attentive. All process from the check-in to check-out was smooth and with little stress added to an already stressful situation that it is to be admitted.. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Wait time: ♡♡♡ Drink presentation: ♡♡♡

    (Uberlândia, Brazil) • A nice simple luncheonette that has everything you need for a breakfast/brunch and an afternoon tea/snack. It's located on one of the side streets and it has a very discreet entrance; inside it has a few sittings and a display with savory snacks and sweet pastries.  Service is excellent and prices are very affordable. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service: ♡♡♡ – Friendly, smiley and very nice to talk to, they were helpful and seemed genuinely pleased we liked what we ordered. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Wait time: ♡♡♡ – Very fast, you order and they get on it right away. Drink presentation: ♡♡♡ …

    (Uberlândia, Brazil) • Located at a lovely strip mall this location offers a good view of the main street through it's glass walls and nice sittings outside. The place is fairly small but it has a few booths inside. Staff are easy to talk to and very welcoming. Whenever we come here we are always satisfied with the food and service. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service:–  Very friendly, efficient and helpful Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Food wait time: ♡♡♡ – We had called ahead of time and when we got there it was ready. Food presentation:

    (Uberlândia, Brazil) • I used to go there for the pamonhas and even though they expanded I still go there to get the pamonhas because they are one of the best around. It's a cute small bakery in between Martins neighborhood and downtown, it has a great selection of pastries at very good prices. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service:–  They are very polite, super friendly and nice to talk to. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Food wait time: ♡♡♡ – You order at the counter and they take it out for you right away. Food presentation: ♡♡♡

    (Uberlândia, Brazil) • D'ville is and upper scale supermarket, prices might reflect that but the selection of products is excellent. Aisles are modern looking, uncluttered and organized; fruit on display are beautiful, huge and colorful and they have the biggest mangoes, avocados, papayas and passion fruits you will ever see. They also have a great selection of beer and alcohol beverages. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service:–  Staff are very welcoming, pleasant and helpful. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Food wait time: ♡♡♡ Food presentation:

    (Uberlândia, Brazil) • Self-service restaurants (pay by weight) are big in Brazil and I wish they were popular in all countries as they have the best concept and it's a guarantee that there will be something for every person. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ Service:♡♡ –  Very friendly and pleasant. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Food wait time: ♡♡♡ – You go for more food whenever you are ready. Food presentation: ♡♡♡ – Very well presented. They all look fresh, colorful and appetizing. Portion: ♡♡♡ – As big or as small as…

    (Uberlândia, Brazil) • Whenever I am in Uberlândia, this is one of the places I have to visit. It offers an amazing selection of savory food, juices from a variety of fruits from Brazil and many toppings for their awesome açaí bowls. Ambiance: ♡♡ –  I went this time to the store at the food court at the mall, it can be loud at times but a good atmosphere. Service:–  A bit on the slow side since they were busy. Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Food wait time:

    (Uberlândia, Brazil) • One of the best fast-food restaurants I know due to the typical Brazilian PF (Prato Feito) options it serves. I love the choices and it is consistently delicious. Ambiance: ♡♡♡ –  It's located at the food court so it can be a bit loud but it has a fun atmosphere. Service:♡♡ Cleanliness: ♡♡♡ Food wait time: ♡♡ –  On the slow side but it's worth the wait. Food presentation: ♡♡♡ – Well presented with its fresh and colorful look. Portion: ♡♡♡ –  Pretty generous, you wi…